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Basic Kiswahili for Visitors to East Africa


Hello Habari, Jambo
Good bye Kwa heri
How much Pesa Ngapi
Money Pesa
Chair Kiti
Sit down keti chini
Stand up Simama
Please Tafadhali
Thank you Asante
Yes Ndio
No Hapana, or La
Maybe Pengine
Also Pia
How are you? Habari yako?
Where can i get a taxi Naweza pata taxi wapi?
Toilet Choo, Msala
Water Maji
Can i have a glass of water? Tafadhali nisaidie na kikombe cha maji?
Where can i make a phone call? Naweza piga simu wapi?
Hotel Hoteli
Ocean Bahari
Mountain Mlima
Lion Simba
Elephant Ndovu, Tembo
Leopard Chui
Cheetah Duma
Time Saa




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Would you like to tour Kenya? Click here
Would you like to tour Kenya? Click here

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