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                                                     Mount Kenya.

Are you looking for adventure travel activities in Kenya and discover Kenya’s heritage, great locations to adventure in Kenya while on your short breaks we are offering the best price guarantee on Mount Kenya Adventure tours.

YHA Travel Kenya prides itself the best tour operator  offering  personalised travel service that caters specifically independent travellers, small groups, families and specialises in a wide variety of exciting adventure tour activities throughout the various regions of Kenya and within East Africa.

Places like Mount Kenya, Mount Longonot, Hells Gate, Mount Kilimanjaro and others. Tours include walking, trekking, mountain expedition, peak climbing, rafting, jungle safari and family based adventure holiday trips.

At Mountain Kenya we will do our very best to make sure that we are able to structure an adventure tour packages for mountaineers both as beginners and experts alike. Our company’s vision is to provide you with quality travel service with experienced guides and porters to enable you to have a truly remarkable and memorable vacation. We want you to truly experience what we have come to love.

A word of warning – most of our visitors want to come back time and time again – we look forward to meeting and assisting you on your first adventure trip and look forward to welcoming you back on your return visits.

Happy Trials.

Travelling to Kenya? Looking for affordable Mount Kenya Climbing, Hiking and Trekking tours?  YHA Travel has the best bargains for families, groups or independent travelers who are in search for safari adventures in Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kenya youth hostels travel section is ready to and make your mountaineering expedition fun, fulfilling and enjoyable. YHA-Kenya Travel  partners with one of the best tour operator and activity provider the African Home Adventure Safaris which is a  full member and recognised by the Kenya Association of Tour Operator (KATO)

We will always get you the best adventure climbing safari tour for your time of travel in Kenya! travelling in and around Mount Kenya with your yha Hostelling membership to enable you enjoy and save on great deals as provided for on any trekking tour of Mount Kenya that you select.

Responsible travel initiative is Responsible Tourism for Mount Kenya Climbers, Kenya Youth Hostels Mountaineering programs make you to become a responsible traveller.


Mt Kenya 1 Mt Kenya 4
Mt Kenya 2 Mt Kenya 3
Mt.Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain after Kilimanjaro. This extinct volcano is estimated to be 2.5 million years old. Time has taken its toll on the former, reducing the peak from 6500m to 5199 m today, while nature’s untiring eroding agents long ago eroded the crater.
Mt. Kenya is located 180km north of Nairobi within the Mount Kenya National park. The park protected area 3200m above sea level and was established in 1949 and covers an area of 715 sq km. The mountain comprised of three main zones: - the rocky peak zone, the afro-alpine moorland with it’s scattering of giant vegetation and the extensive tower slope covered with mountain forest and a bamboo there are over 81plant species. Any fit and prepared person can reach point Lenana, the so-called trekker’s peak; the summit has the twin peaks of 5199m Batian and Nelion and is considered more technically challenging than the higher Mt Kilimanjaro at 5894m.
Choose between Sirimon-Chogoria and Naro Moru Routes.
Mt Kenya 6           Mt Kenya 5
Mt. Kenya National Park.
Mount Kenya, at an altitude of 5199 [17058ft] the country's highest mountain, has its higher slope permanently covered in snow and ice, even though it sits astride the equator.
The National park comprises the mountain above the 320m [10,500ft] contour plus two salient astride the Naro moru and the Sirimon routes.
The mountain consists of three peaks the Batian [the highest] Nelion and Lenana. Of these peaks, the original hard center core is all that remains; the bulk of the volcano has been eroded away with time.






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