Looking for voluntary work abroad? Search for volunteer placements in the fields of wildlife, conservation and education in exotic locations in Kenya.

Planning a meaningful adventure abroad this summer? Want to make a difference in the lives of others? Looking for an unique travel program allowing you to not ONLY volunteer, but provides ample opportunities to further deepen your abroad experience by exploring amazing cultures, extraordinary tourist attractions all while further plunging into a new, astounding world? If you answered, "YES," then Kenya Youth Hostel Association and Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project are holding a joint Volunteers and Tour programs initiative that can make your dreams come true! AND as always, Kenya Youth Hostel Association Volunteers and Tours guarantees the best prices and value.

The essence of youth is energy directed towards change! Youth Volunteers are very important to our aging population. Old people brighten up and respond positively to the young ones, when a story is shared about a service volunteer project that has been carried out successfully within the country or in a foreign land.

Why should young people volunteer? Self – satisfaction after giving time, efforts and energy to be of service to the elderly and community at large. Also the supervisor at your volunteer work station will allow the volunteer to submit their name as a reference when applying for jobs. And when completing those employment applications as it makes positive impressions to the interviewer when the application shows the potential employee was a youth volunteer. Youth Volunteers are a ray of sunshine to our communities especially to the aging population.

More information please writes to volunteers@yhak.org or info@kvcdp.org

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