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Welcome to Volunteering with YHA - Kenya and KVCDP.

Volunteer Programs

There are numerous programs for volunteers both in rural and urban areas that empower individuals to be agents of change, reach out and involve community members in their own initiatives. Our volunteering opportunities in Kenya are in the areas of Education and training for children from under-privileged families, orphanages and care centres, health care and HIV/AIDS education and counselling.

If you are looking for teaching opportunity in schools or medical internship in hospitals, we offer very unique and customized opportunities for a lifetime internship experience in Kenya. The projects we offer can be under taken on either long term or short term goals and focus on traditional education, social education and community development.

Children Program in Orphanages:

Working in an orphanage in Kenya is an opportunity to make an input and create hope in the lives of orphans, destitute and youth who live in extreme poverty. This program is designed to create an atmosphere where orphaned children can experience the fun and excitement of learning and feel part of the fortunate world to offer them the hope in life.........Read More Click Here......


HIV/AIDS Program:

The HIV epidemic is currently the leading of death in Africa. Despite Government and other relevant NGO's intervention, the rate of HIV infection in many communities is still raising especially those who live around the shores of Victoria and urban centres. Many people infected particularly in the local communities still do not know how to prevent infection, and even very few people know how to deal with the virus once they have it......To read more click here......

Medical/Health Program:

Women and children continue to suffer due to lack of proper medical care and shortage of doctors, nurses and social workers in the hospitals in the rural areas. Access to basic healthcare is often one of the most challenging issues that low-income and neglected populations face. Community level intervention and local health clinics offer services to local families at minimal or no cost... more click here....


Teaching in Local Schools:

This is a great opportunity to gain first-hand experience in teaching if you are considering the same as your future career. It gives volunteers an opportunity to share their talents of teaching profession to impart the same knowledge acquired in their areas of specialization. You will also gain experience within the culture and work environment........To read more click here......

Youth Program.
If you have a love for sports and a little sporting ability, then you could play an important part in the personal development of young Kenyan men and women who are interested in sports. Our sports programs allow the volunteer opportunities to coach soccer (football), basketball, net ball and volleyball......To read more click here......

Environmental Conservation:

 Proper perception of our environment is our top priority. Our livelihood is wholly dependent on the environment and for us to get the resources that are needed to sustain life; we should make the environment be healthy and natural........To read more click here......

VolunTravel in Kenya: 


For volunteer travellers who want to indulge deeper into the real culture of Kenya, you will work a long side with the local community on various projects and really make a difference while experiencing an adventure holiday for a rewarding break......To read more click here......



VolunTravel in Kenya:

For volunteer travellers who want to indulge deeper into the real culture of Kenya, you will work a long side with the local community on various projects and really make a difference while experiencing an adventure holiday for a rewarding break......To read more click here......

Volunteer in a Community Hospital.


The Project &Program Location:  Kiaritha-ini Hospital Karatina Nyeri District.

There are two elements to this program - community and medical work. As part of the project, volunteers work in the local clinic situated on the outskirts of Karatina town in a small Village Kiari-thaini. The clinic provides services such as maternal & child health care, family health care, curative health care, primary health care, voluntary counseling and testing, plus introducing the training in health and HIV/AIDS awareness.

This volunteer program is designed to suite those volunteers who wish to assist in the health care giving mostly in small local community health care “Health Care Centers’  in Kenya.

Why the project needs you!


Kenya's health care and provision suffers as much as any other public service sector in the country. Whilst structures are in place for an effective health service, there is an enormous deficit in terms of staff and resources. This is why the volunteers' help is very much appreciated by the nurses and doctors we work with.

Health Care Volunteer program in Kenya manages health projects to medical students or professionals. Participating in a health care volunteer project opens tremendous opportunities for volunteers to experience new opportunities in their lives and careers, allow volunteers to immerse themselves in another culture, and provide a positive contribution to the community where health care volunteers are needed. Opportunities are available in a number of rural health centers in Kenya. Volunteers will provide health education, assist doctors, or help provide medical treatment to patients. While working on this project, volunteers will share knowledge, time, skills and talents with the health care staff of the centers.

Volunteers in the health care project will also engage in some of the vital activities of medical treatment such as dressing wounds, taking patients' histories, counseling patients, providing assurance and moral support to patients' families, and disbursing medicines. While working in this project you will become highly involved with the needs of the medical field, where each of the health centers get several patients in a day.

During your break off work, you can plan to explore the beauty of Nyeri district which partly host part of Mt Kenya south, the mt Kenya forest is about half hour drive from Kiartha-ini Hospital and you can enjoy your pleasant time off discovering the mountain, wildlife, caves, tea and coffee farms /factories as well as the many other adventure activities like bird watching in the forest.

Project Location,

The project is based 3 km north of Karatina Town in the central Kenya highland where Tea, coffee and other mixed agricultural farming are exercised are grown, There is a vast beautiful grounds about 500 meters from the health centre that are perfect for having an afternoon nap in the sun, playing sports, such as ultimate Frisbee or soccer with a local soccer team, or going for a jog. On a clear day, you will be able to see Mount Kenya.

Project Facts

>Duration: 2 - 8 weeks

>Cost: ----- for 2 weeks, ------- for each week thereafter

>Requirements: age 18+

>Location: Kiaritha-ini 3 km north of Karatina Town in Nyeri District, Kenya

>Project activities: Help attend to patients in Clinics and hospitals, education and refurbishment work at schools and orphanages.

>Working hours: 09:00 - 16:00 but schedule may vary, Monday -Friday

>Project availability: Projects start any time all year round.

What is included

> Accommodation: Host family

> Food: 3 meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

> Airport pick up and drop off

> Training: Pre-departure information pack, on-site Orientation and project induction provided

> Support:  support from volunteer coordinator

> Activities: Staff help /Local volunteers to help organise weekend activities within the region. (Activity price may be extra) depending on the area of interest. Trips include; Climbing Mt Kenya, Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park and Aberdare National Park, as well as trips to the Kenyan Coast, Nairobi’s Elephant and Giraffe Sanctuaries.

Orientation: Upon arrival.

Debriefing (Homeward bound): After completion of project 

Departure: Airport or Other Exit Points

Language requirements: English or Kiswahili

Activities: Mostly assisting local doctors, take care of patients or others.

Special Requirements for this program: Medical students or health professionals and others.

Costs: Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project.

Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project.


Delta Hotel, 1st Floor

University Way, opposite Central Police Station

P.o Box 4473-00200, Nairobi- Kenya.

Tel : +254 20 2222237/+254 20 2222238

Direct Line : +254 20 2222237

Fax : +254 20 2222238

Hotline : +254 720 453 857

SMS : +254 722 760 661 or +254 720 453 857

Email : =

Host Community Contact: P.O.Box 554, Bondo, Kenya | Email:


Welcome to the world of YHA Volunteering in Kenya! If you have some free time and would like to support YHA Kenya Volunteer activities, there are many volunteering activities you can get involved with.

Have a look at our volunteer and Internship  activites. It's full of information about new opportunities to inspire you and news from a wide range of volunteering programmes in Kenya.

Do you have some free time and would like to help support yha kenya joint voluntary initiatives with Kenya voluntary and community development project, volunteer programs, there are many volunteering opportunities and activities you can get involved with.

We get volunteers of all walks of life and from different countries across the globe. Whatever your background and interests we’re sure you will enjoy your time with us.


Click in the links provided on our web pages about volunteering.

To find out more about volunteering with yha kenya and kvcdp ,there you will find opportunities, information on how to apply and contact information.

If you have any queries please contact the volunteering team on 

Or simply call 254 20 2714317 or 2726011 cell +254720453857 +254722655321


Volunteers will work at a children's orphanage, care centres, hospitals and schools where they will volunteer their time playing with children, assisting in teaching classes, helping with daily chores such as cooking, feeding, assisting in the local health centre, participate in painting, repairing or building certain parts of the infrastructure in schools and home to improve learning and living conditions for the children within these communities.

There's a reason why the volunteer vacation is one of the fastest-growing parts of the travel industry. In the global village, we are becoming more and more committed to giving back when we travel; to contributing to communities rather than taking from it.

Volunteer vacations are also a way we can give back to ourselves. Whether it's helping to save Rhinos in kenya, delivering crucial medical supplies to an orphanage in Kenya, or helping to build a hospital in rural kenya, each trip allows us to get up close and personal with those in need. We can make a real difference while exploring the world with a real sense of adventure.

These are truly vacations with a purpose, many of which allow families to participate together. Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of those who take volunteer vacations don't just take them once. They travel year after year, applying their vacation time to experiences and projects that help others, while thoroughly enriching themselves in the process.

About Youth volunteering in kenya.
Would you like to travel to a country and experience its cultures more deeply than you would on a normal vacation?
Would you like to take up on a new challenge and learn new skills?
Would you like to take part in something worthwhile and meaningful as part of an international Team?
If you say yes to all, then welcome to our international Volunteer Service with a project that offers either short or long term basis service project in rural and urban areas.
Enchoro 13Enchoro 14KiajataName
                                        Our ethics is that we strife.
  • To promote quality awareness, socially responsible and environmentally sound tourism for young people and families.
  • To keep human relations as a focal point.
  • To live up to the idea of partnership at all levels.
  • To strengthen our image and standing us the most important tourist organization for young people and families.
  • To ach Kenya Youth Hostels Volunteer  programs are open to all, We invite individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches, colleges, and student associations).
  • Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all year round.
  • To achieve  appropriate commercial results which will ensure the continuation of our organization?
Volunteering in Kenya.
Looking for voluntary work abroad? Search for volunteer placements in the fields of wildlife, conservation and education in exotic locations in Kenya.

Planning a meaningful adventure abroad this summer? Want to make a difference in the lives of others? Looking for an unique travel program allowing you to not ONLY volunteer, but provides ample opportunities to further deepen your abroad experience by exploring amazing cultures, extraordinary tourist attractions all while further plunging into a new, astounding world? If you answered, "YES," then Kenya Youth Hostel Association and Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project are holding a joint Volunteers and Tour programs initiative that can make your dreams come true! AND as always, Kenya Youth Hostel Association Volunteers and Tours guarantees the best prices and value.


The essence of youth is energy directed towards change! Youth Volunteers are very important to our aging population. Old people brighten up and respond positively to the young ones, when a story is shared about a service volunteer project that has been carried out successfully within the country or in a foreign land.

Why should young people volunteer? Self – satisfaction after giving time, efforts and energy to be of service to the elderly and community at large. Also the supervisor at your volunteer work station will allow the volunteer to submit their name as a reference when applying for jobs. And when completing those employment applications as it makes positive impressions to the interviewer when the application shows the potential employee was a youth volunteer. Youth Volunteers are a ray of sunshine to our communities especially to the aging population.

More information please writes to 

Enchoro Wildlife Camp Community Service Programs

The Enchoro Wildlife Camp in Masai Mara collaborates with other local and overseas organizations whose mission is to assist rural and underdeveloped communities in the Mara region to improve on the quality of lives for the Masai people within their communities.

These programs empower the Masais economically and socially by initiating various volunteer support programs for local and foreign tourists by giving hands on experience in humanitarian service.

The Masai Mara region is populated by the Masai tribe and communities of whom some are eager to partner with development like minded people and organizations, in the struggle to provide a structure and knowledge base for community needs.

Particularly by the experience with the various dynamics that often complicate development efforts.

Enchoro 13 Enchoro 11

The co-operation and partnership with “KVCDP” Kenya Voluntary &Community Development Project and Enchoro Wildlife Camp has  been able to come up with well selected appropriate projects that got the blessings from community approval and that provide the infrastructure and management for volunteers who provide their services to the masai communities in projects and programs like Education,health,children,youth and community service or who target  specific development projects like educational series or a combination of projects like building, children programs, schools, water, hospitals, children’s homes, agriculture and or environment conservation programs.

Enchoro Wildlife Camp has developed a volunteer’s mission discounts and attractive rates for all group accommodations destined to stay in its Tented Camps. 

Enchoro 2       Name

This plan is recommended for groups who wish to involve a team of volunteers say 10 to 30 Persons or more in a meaningful experience and for those that wish to combine some development work with a safari.

Please contact us for information on the safari packages available with volunteer development options.

If you need any information and to make reservations, please contact us on the address below.

Enchoro Wildlife Camp Masai Mara,

254 722760661           

Cell. +254722655321 +254710322787




Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project. Nairobi International Youth Hostel | Ralph Bunche Road | P.O.Box 4473, 00200, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 20-272 6011, +254 20 2711217 | Mobile +254 722 760 661, +254 720 453 857 | Email:   Web 
Host Community Contact: P.O.Box 554, Bondo, Kenya | Email:


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