Why Hostelling?

Originally created to help young people of limited means to experience the countryside and cities of the world, hostels are now at the heart of international tourism for a wide age group. Hosteliers contribute an estimated US$1.4 billion to tourist revenues worldwide every year.

Since 1909, when hostelling was born out of the excursions of German Schoolteacher Richard Shirrmann and his pupils, it has become one of the world's biggest international membership organizations for youth, with over 3 million members and a mission that has never been more relevant.

Hostelling International currently provides 35 million overnight stays a year through 4,200 hostels in more than 60 countries. Advance reservations are a cinch using our computerised International Booking Network(IBN).

Today's hosteller is just as likely to be in his thirties and bring his family by car, as to arrive alone on foot with a backpack, or be part of a school group. Nor is hostelling an end in itself. All ages use hostels as their gateway to cultural exploration and the appreciation of nature.

Traditionally, Youth Hostels are aimed at providing accommodation for young people travelling around the world; they are also collective living areas offering the opportunity to mix with people from different cultures. Kenya Youth Hostels Association (KYHA) has 6 Youth Hostels, connecting with over 4200 Hostels under the label Hostelling International.

KYHA aims to build a united world with young people, a world without barriers, more friendly, hospitable and tolerant to others. Hostelling fights against discriminations, racism and xenophobia. So, Kenya Youth Hostels welcomes all the young to share these values and promote them!

By joining (KYHA), as well as staying in its network of hostels, taking part in their activities implies that you have accepted to respect other people different from you. Learning from confrontation facilitates mutual knowledge and understanding, leading to tolerance. Hostels are also privileged places for personal development, which allows a better access to citizenship and autonomy.

Intercultural Exchange Programmes abroad

The Volunteer camps organised by our foreign partners are presented online for information only. To participate, you will have to contact directly the corresponding organisations for any further information and for application, under your own responsibility.

However (KYHA) will not provide any information on these organisations and their programmes, will not be the intermediary in any way before, during and after the camps, and will not be responsible for any circumstances of your participation.

Keep in mind before applying
  • A camp abroad is not a charity mission. You will receive and learn much more than you can give.
  • A camp abroad requires a good adaptability. You must be ready to experience different living and working conditions as what you are used to and to accept unforeseen events.
  • A camp abroad can question your principles and perturb your ideas (on human relationships, social organisation, environment.)



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